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Right to left

( a writing direction )

Primarily used by the semitic writing systems, but also by other writing systems. Many scripts using this direction write numbers left-to-right. Mixing right-to-left and left-to-right text produces bidirectional text, which is hard to read.

The following scripts use this writing direction.

 Name  Type  Family
  Arabic script       Abjad       Aramaic script family
  Byblos syllabary       Script    
  Classical syriac       Abjad       Aramaic script family
  Early Sogdian       Abjad    
  Egyptian demotic       Logosyllabary    
  Egyptian hieratic       Logosyllabary    
  Hebrew       Abjad       Aramaic script family
  Hungarian runes       Alphabet    
  Indus script       Logosyllabary    
  Kharoshthi       Abugida       North Indic scripts
  Lydian       Alphabet       Greek script family
  Mandaic script       Abjad       Aramaic script family
  Manichaean       Abjad    
  Mende Kikakui       Syllabary    
  Meroitic       Abugida    
  Modern syriac       Alphabet       Aramaic script family
  N'ko       Alphabet    
  Northern Linear       Abjad       Northern semitic script family
  Sogdian       Abjad    
  South Iberian       Syllabary       Northern semitic script family
  Thaana       Alphabet       Aramaic script family

Lars Marius Garshol, Ontopian.