This page lists a number of companies which provide services of different kinds related to the Ontopia software.


Bouvet is a Norwegian consulting house with broad experience in the use of Topic Maps in many usage areas and on many platforms. It also employs two of the original Ontopia developers.

Bouvet offers the following services around Ontopia:

  • Solution development. Bouvet has built a number of Ontopia-based solutions for a wide range of customers.
  • Advisory consulting. Bouvet is used as advisory consultants on semantic technologies and Topic Maps by a number of customers.
  • Support. Bouvet offers support on Ontopia-based solutions.
  • Custom software development. Bouvet can develop new features and modules in the Ontopia software on request.

Knowledge Synergy

Knowledge Synergy is a Japanese company. It has been devoted to Topic Maps-related activities for many years. With the aid of Bouvet, Knowledge Synergy, a partner of Bouvet, collaborates and offers advisory consulting, support, training and solution development concerning Topic Maps and Ontopia mainly in Asia.

Morpheus Kennistechnologie BV

Morpheus is a Dutch knowledge engineering company, founded in 1999. Morpheus delivers solutions to facilitate knowledge intensive processes in the field of security, publishing and education. The services it delivers include consulting activities, design and implementation. We enrich information sources, improve search facilities, develop information management-, content publishing- and knowledge tools.

Our clients are, among others, the Dutch police and the House of Representatives. Morpheus is an Ontopia expert (providing two committers to the project) and has vast expertise on the Topic Maps standard and semantics in general. For several years active in standardization-bodies and the topic maps community and a regular contributor in international topic maps conferences such as Topic Maps (in Norway) and TMRA (Germany).