Ontopia Applications

The Ontopia distribution package comes with several applications installed. This document provides a quick description abouut these applications and links to further reading materials regarding them.

Access control

The accessctl webapplication is a sample application that shows how to combine the Navigator framework with the Userman ontology to create an authentication and authorization magement application. The application itself is guarded by the same authentication it manages.

Scripts and languages

The i18n webapplication demonstrates the use of the Navigator framework to make the data in the i18n.ltm Topic Map browsable outside of the Omnigator.


The manage webapplication provides a central location for management of Topic Maps available in the Ontopia distribution package. Advanced features such as full text indexing and source reloading are located within the Manage webapplication.


The Omnigator is an application that lets you load and browse any topic map, including your own, using a standard web browser. The name is a contraction of “omnivorous navigator”, and was chosen to underline the application’s principal design goal, which is to be able to make sense of any conforming topic map. The Omnigator is intended as a teaching aid, to help you understand topic map concepts, and as an aid in developing your own topic maps.


Ontopia’s self-configuring, ontology-driven Topic Maps editor, Ontopoly. A topic map consists of both an ontology and an instance of that ontology; with Ontopoly, you can edit each of these. The ontology defines the rules for what can go into the instance, and these rules are used by Ontopoly to automatically generate the interface for creating and maintaining the instance.


The ROOT web application serves as a portal into the different webapplications provided in the Ontopia distribution.


The tmrap web application hosts the TMRAP protocol for other applications to connect to.

XTM Tools

The xtmtools web application is the beginnings of a web application for the ‘Free XML Tools’ topic map. It is used as an example in the navigator developer’s guide. The application is not complete, but you may find it instructive to complete it on your own.